Our work on coal mine methane

Tackling methane emissions from coal mines is a quick win for the climate

Ember’s core work is focused on shifting the world to clean electricity. While analysing the impact of coal power on the climate, it became apparent that the massive methane emissions from coal mining were being overlooked and underestimated.

We set up a specialist unit working on coal mine methane to galvanise action in the world’s biggest emitters, by using data and analysis to highlight the scale of the issue and the solutions.

Since launching this work in 2020, we’ve already had an impact in PolandAustralia and Indonesia, and with the global steel industry.

Why the world must tackle coal mine methane

billboard saying 'coal is dirtier than you think'


Methane emissions make coal even dirtier 

Methane is a fast-acting greenhouse gas and traps 82.5 times more heat than carbon dioxide over 20 years, accelerating short-term global heating. Methane emitted during coal mining multiplies the climate impact of the coal burned to produce electricity and steel. Coal mining is often overlooked, despite having a similar methane footprint to the oil or gas sectors.


Tackling methane emissions from coal mines is a quick win for the climate

Methane emissions are relatively cheap, quick and easy to tackle from coal mines, but they have a staggering impact on the climate if left unchecked. Coal mine methane emissions must decrease by three-quarters by 2030 to keep 1.5C within reach. The world must redouble efforts to bring an end to the use of coal, while improving monitoring and mitigation of methane emissions, particularly with the gassiest mines.

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