Achmed Shahram Edianto

Asia Electricity Analyst

Achmed works on coal-to-clean transition in the electricity sectors of Southeast Asia.

Before joining Ember, Achmed worked as a sustainability consultant for an energy company in Indonesia for 1.5 years to support the company in establishing a sustainability framework that complies with international standards. Prior to that, he worked with the climate and energy team of WWF-Indonesia for about five years as a program coordinator that focused on accelerating the use of renewable energy.

He is now finalizing his PhD in energy and environmental economics and holds MSc in Mineral and Energy economics. His research focuses on coal-fired power policy, market, and governance in the global electricity transition. This research uses statistical analysis to elucidate the factors that have affected power generation investments and coal power retirement. He has completed one paper as the first author in the field of overseas investment for the power sector and two papers as a co-author on coal consumption analysis for Indonesia and fuel cell vehicles policy in Germany.