Ali Candlin Ember

Ali Candlin

Communications Manager Europe

Ali Candlin Ember

Ali leads Ember’s strategic communication work in Europe. Working closely with teams across Ember, her work focuses on shaping the narrative around energy transition and ensuring that Ember’s analysis and resources find their way to the people who need them.

Previous to Ember, Ali worked in editorial and media production in higher education science publishing. In a bid to fend off existential climate angst she completed an MSc in Environment, Politics and Society at UCL in 2020, joining Ember shortly after.

Ali is based in London. In her spare time she can be found exploring the city, hiking in the countryside, or defending her vegetable garden from the neighbourhood foxes.

image In Brief

Draft NECPs show EU just falling short of REPowerEU

National targets on wind and solar need a final boost to deliver towards the EU’s renewable energy targets and emissions reduction commitments.

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  • European Union
image Research

OECD progress towards zero carbon electricity by 2035

Despite progress in the last 15 years , OECD countries will need to pick up the pace on electricity transition to reach clean power by 2035.

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  • United States
  • Japan
  • Coal
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