Tom Harrison

Electricity Transition Analyst

In addition to working on a range of topics related to the European power transition, Tom also leads the team’s work on the role of biomass in the power sector and has helped develop Ember into a trusted and sought-after source of information on the risks and merits of burning biomass.

Tom has a background in the biological sciences and environmental economics and policy. His goal in life is to own a carbon-neutral electric airplane and fly somewhere warmer than London.

image Research

Biomass plant is UK’s top emitter

Drax tops the list as the UK’s single largest CO2 emitter, despite generating only a small share of power.

  • United Kingdom
  • Bioenergy
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Higher solar ambition can lower bioenergy in REPowerEU

Meeting REPowerEU’s energy targets is possible without increasing the use of bioenergy.

  • European Union
  • Bioenergy
  • Solar
image Policy Paper

Net Zero Review Response

Ember research shows the UK now has the opportunity to have entirely reshaped its energy system to achieve clean power by 2030.

  • United Kingdom
  • Wind