Will Brazil keep a focus on non-hydro renewable energy?

Increased wind generation met Brazil’s increased electricity demand over the last five years. Wind and solar supplied 13% of Brazil’s electricity in 2021, similar to the world average of 10% in 2021. Brazil is built on legacy hydro generation, and doesn’t have much legacy fossil generation. Coal supplied 4% of Brazil’s electricity in 2021, and a further 15% from fossil gas.

Brazil is similar to many countries across Latin America, where a rapid build-up of wind (and lesser solar) generation has happened but is now at risk, as governments lose focus on renewable electricity.

As Brazil develops, it will need a lot more electricity, and to put it on a 1.5 degree pathway, it will need to make sure all that new electricity investment is in clean electricity.

Last updated: March 2022

Progress towards clean power targets