A stuttering coal exit and under-ambitious renewables rollout risks a costly transition

Coal still accounts for 43% of electricity produced in Czechia, following a slow decline from 55% in 2010. Czechia has large potential for both wind and solar power, yet combined they only provided 3.7% of its electricity in 2022. 

Looking ahead, this means that Czechia is on course to have one of the lowest shares of renewable electricity and one of the most carbon-intensive electricity supplies in the EU 2030.

In November 2020 a government-appointed coal commission recommended a phase out date of 2038. In January 2022 a new government coalition announced its policy program promising to ‘create conditions’ to exit coal by 2033. A rapid shift away from coal is needed – and possible – for Czechia to align with 1.5C.


Last updated: May 2023

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