India's state-wise 2022 RES target and monthly installed capacity

Updated on 12 January 2023

Dataset of India's state-wise 2022 RES target and monthly installed capacity from March 2019.

Topic: Electricity


This dataset contains India’s installed capacity for renewable energy (RES, including small hydro, wind, solar, bioenergy) by state and by month, starting from March 2019. The dataset also contains data that were used to create charts in the Indian State RES Target and Progress Tracker which tracks the monthly progress of Indian states and union territories (UTs) on their 2022 targets for renewable energy (RES).


This dataset is based on the state-wise monthly capacity data from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). This dataset tracks renewable energy sources listed by MNRE, which include small hydro, wind, solar and bioenergy.

The MNRE provides monthly data, but an archive for historical time-series is not publicly available. This data was retrieved using an internet archive, Wayback Machine.

For months without a historical archive, we retrieved data from Andrew, R. 2022: Indian Energy and Emissions Data.

Since no historical data is available for sub-fuel type, we rely on the fuel-specific totals as reported by the source.

For months without data, we interpolate the missing values by using the value at the closest data extreme.

Ladakh’s capacity target could not be retrieved from publicly available sources, as it was part of Jammu and Kashmir until 2019. For data consistency, we combine the two states in one category in our analysis. No state-specific data is available for Ladakh until July 2021.

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Nicolas Fulghum
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