Asian Electricity Data Transparency

Not yet fit for a rapid electricity transition

This report shows where to find electricity data for every country in Asia. This report outlines the electricity data sources available and the data they contain. We make this available for others to quickly access the data they need, simply by following the hyperlinks. We have scored each country based on the quality of the available data. Separately, at Ember we aggregate annual and half-yearly electricity generation data to track the global electricity transition, which is why we are in a position to write this report. We hope you find it a valuable resource.

What are our key findings?

As we researched the data sources, we assessed every country for the quality of its electricity data. We found that no countries provided all the data needed to keep pace with the electricity transition, and a number of countries provide little or no timely data at all.

Why does data transparency matter?

Asia is currently undergoing an energy transition, with many countries recently announcing net-zero commitments. The electricity sector is seeing the fastest transition, as wind and solar replaces coal generation. It is critical that this transition can be tracked with timely, reliable and publicly available data. Good quality data drives better decision making, and allows better understanding of what to expect in the future. The aim would be to have power plant level generation and capacity data in real-time, free available and easy to download. The Covid-19 pandemic opened the world’s eyes to the need for accurate, real-time data to manage a crisis. The same is required to solve the climate crisis.

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