Where's Sandbag?

After more than a decade working to improve the EU carbon market, Sandbag helped achieve real reform, and carbon price is now having a real impact in cutting emissions. With that success, over the last few years the team’s focus has shifted, and since 2019, all of our analysts have been working full-time on coal phase-out: the key to unlocking emissions cuts around the world.

It’s time for a fresh start, with a new mission:

To accelerate the global electricity transition from coal to clean.

Why we changed our name from Sandbag to Ember

We chose Ember because we think it evokes the dying age of coal, but also the start of something new, as we move into a future powered by clean electricity.

We’re bringing the Sandbag ethos with us though. We’re driven by evidence, not ideology and we’ll be using our data and analysis to advance ambitious energy & climate policies.

To avoid catastrophic climate change, the EU needs a coal power phase-out by 2030, and the rest of the world soon after. We’re going to work flat out to make that happen – and without an expansion in fossil gas or unsustainable biomass. We’ll also continue to support carbon pricing as one of many policies needed to drive down power sector emissions.



A new separate legal entity has been set up in Belgium to continue our work improving the EU’s Emissions Trading System, and helping industry to decarbonise. You can find their website here: sandbag.be


Our flagship work as Ember: The Global Electricity Review

Building on our annual EU Power Sector Review – the bible of the European electricity sector –  we’ve now gathered data from around the world to build a Global Electricity Review. It’s the most ambitious data-gathering project we’ve ever taken on, and we’re pretty excited with the results!


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