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Key Research : The Global Electricity Review

Coal fell 3% in 2019

Renewables beat fossil fuels

July 2020. An analysis of Europe’s electricity transition in the first half of 2020.

Wind and solar are ready to lead the global coronavirus recovery

As countries start entering Covid-19 recovery phases, governments are presented with a unique opportunity to step up wind and solar investment. This briefing compares the wind and solar industries in different regions of the world, and shows why wind and solar are ready for the big time.

The UK wants a net zero ETS – but plans don’t yet add up…

The UK government’s post-Brexit ambition for a net zero carbon market could be world-leading – but current plans repeat many of the mistakes of the EUETS

The Burning Question

The cost of burning wood for power: direct subsidies of more than £13 billion in total, plus carbon tax breaks of £333 million a year.

New Analysis: Europe’s coal power collapse exposes steel plants as Europe’s biggest emitters

New EUETS data shows for the first time, the biggest emitter in both the Netherlands and Spain is revealed as a coal-fired blast furnace.

Tracking electricity data

We’re power sector experts who gather, curate and analyse data to empower climate campaign organisations.

Our data & analysis helps to shape the global narrative on coal.

Changing policy

We use our data and analysis to support high impact, politically viable policies that accelerate the coal phase-out.

For example, read our new report on the policy lessons from closing coal in Europe:

Research highlights

The path of least resistance

Electricity generated from coal is leaking into the EU

Published Jan 2020. Click here for more details:
  • EU countries are increasingly importing ‘tax-free electricity’ from outside the EU

  • ‘Offshore carbon havens’ are building coal plants to meet EU power demand

Playing with fire

Assessing company plans to burn biomass in EU coal power stations

Published Dec 2019. Click here for more details
  • Proposed EU coal-to-biomass projects could increase biomass consumption by the equivalent of five new Drax power stations.
  • 36 million tonnes (MT) of wood pellets would be needed, similar to current global wood pellet production.
  • These projects would produce just 64 TWh of electricity, less than 2% of the EU’s electricity production. In comparison, every year Europe adds an equivalent amount of new wind and solar capacity.

Just Transition or Just Talk?

Draft NECPs reveal some EU countries are planning to stick with coal power beyond 2030

Published May 2019. Click here for more details:
  • To meet the commitments made under the Paris agreement, the EU should phase-out coal by 2030.
  • On current plans, there would still be 60 GW of installed coal capacity in the EU in 2030, a reduction of only 58% compared to current levels (143 GW)

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