Mexico stalls on moving past oil and gas reliance

Mexico’s share of wind and solar has more than tripled since 2015 to generate nearly 12% of its electricity in 2021. However, the country is still mostly reliant on oil and gas, with 70% of its electricity still generated by fossil fuels.

While Mexico has seen success in halving coal generation since 2015, the share of gas in the electricity mix has dipped only slightly at a time when it should be falling rapidly. The IEA shows that as an OECD country, Mexico should reach 100% clean power by 2035 to keep 1.5C global heating within reach. 

Despite earlier climate legislation, Mexico has not meaningfully increased ambition on emissions reduction in recent years. Proposed electricity reforms also look to be moving away from urgency on power sector decarbonisation.

Last updated: March 2022

Progress towards clean power targets