United Kingdom

A rapid coal-to-clean transition driven by offshore wind

With the fastest fall in coal generation in the G20 and rapid growth in wind power, especially offshore wind, the UK is on track to hit its coal phase-out target of 2024. 

In 2021 clean power provided 55% of UK generation, and the remaining fossil gas generation is expected to fall to almost zero by the end of this decade, with the government committed to an entirely clean power sector by 2035

Coal is in rapid decline across all of Western Europe, but the UK is upping ambition by putting similar plans for fossil gas phase out in place. The UK’s transition will continue to be linked to Europe’s as more interconnectors are installed, further connecting grids, and the shared North Sea becomes a continental wind energy powerhouse.

The UK’s commitment to clean power by 2035 is on track for an advanced economy, according to the IEA. But because of the UK’s historic responsibility for emissions, an earlier gas phase-out would help international climate negotiations.

Last updated: March 2022

Progress towards clean power targets
United Kingdom