Interactive tools using European Union Emissions Trading System data

EU Electricity Import Data

An interactive view of electricity flows at the EU borders

Carbon Price Viewer

Daily EU ETS prices

The EU ETS Dashboard

Currently under maintenance - Back soon

Open Source

Ember has a commitment to making as much of our data and research as open as possible.

When relevant, we release our software and tools under the AGPLv3 license to benefit others working to tackle climate change. Please contact us if you want to collaborate.

Cross-platform + Interactive

We put a focus on developing cross-platform applications and tools so that they can be accessed from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

We also believe in making data and insights discoverable through an interactive user experience.

Cutting-edge technologies

We strive to keep pace with new technology and analysis techniques, in order to produce results with maximum impact. That’s why we use paradigms such as Graph Databases in the backend or visualisation libraries such as D3.js on the frontend for many of our data solutions. We’re also exploring how to incorporate open-science techniques into our methodology.