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The EU’s €250 billion gas gamble

Analysis by Ember and Global Witness finds that persistently high gas prices could cost Europe €250 billion more than the EC estimated.

Coal power transition in China: A discussion paper

Coal power development in China: underlying drivers and policy entry points for its transition.

India's Race to 175 GW

Twenty seven states need a step up for India to meet its December 2022 renewables target

South Korea's lack of wind and solar hinders exporters

South Korea’s biggest companies could lose competitive edge over the next decade as they struggle to secure critical supplies of domestic renewable energy.

Top 10 EU emitters all coal power plants in 2021

Ember analysis of EU-ETS data finds that the top 10 emitters in the EU-ETS were coal or lignite power plants in Germany and Poland.

The science is clear, coal needs to go

IPCC models reveal we have less time to phase out coal, and wind and solar have even greater potential to help us achieve this. 

Global Electricity Review 2022

Wind and solar, the fastest growing sources of electricity, reach a record ten percent of global electricity in 2021; all clean power is now 38% of supply.

Subsidies for Drax biomass

Drax earned £893m in government subsidies in 2021 for burning forest biomass, pushing up UK energy bills with no guarantee of reducing CO2 emissions.

EU can stop Russian gas imports by 2025

This joint briefing identifies the indispensable role clean energy solutions play in rapidly ending the EU’s reliance on fossil gas imports from Russia.