Coal is holding back Germany’s transition to clean energy

Germany’s share of wind and solar has almost doubled since 2015 and it now produces 53% of its electricity from clean sources. However, despite coal generation falling by 31% over that same period, it still accounted for 29% of Germany’s electricity in 2021.

Germany is leading the G20 in the deployment of wind and solar with a share of 29% in 2021, which puts it significantly ahead of the United Kingdom (25%) and Australia (22%)

Germany’s coal generation looms dark over its climate credentials. While other European nations have announced coal phase-out dates of 2030 and earlier, Germany’s new government has yet to legislate to bring forward its 2038 coal exit. A rapid shift away from coal is needed for Germany to align with 1.5C.

Last updated: March 2022

Progress towards clean power targets