Turning power sector data into climate action.

Turning power sector data into climate action

Ember was launched in March 2020 with a mission to accelerate the global electricity transition from coal to clean.

It brings together a team of power sector experts who turn data into action, with the goal of driving real-world change to limit global heating to 1.5C.

Our aim is to make decarbonising the power sector understandable and accessible to campaigners and policymakers. We provide free-to-use data and unbiased analysis to help drive evidence-led policy change and shift the narrative.

2022 highlights

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We have supported high impact, politically-viable policies that lead to a zero-carbon electricity system.

4 countries will move away from coal but swap it for gas

We have shaped the global narrative, securing extensive media coverage around the world to show the growing momentum of the global electricity transition and draw attention to key barriers to progress.

A chart showing that coal mining is the largest contributor to energy sector methane emissions

Looking ahead

To limit global heating to 1.5 degrees and avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, Europe and the OECD need to phase-out coal power by 2030, and globally by 2040. We will continue to expand our work in target countries around the world to drive a shift from coal to clean electricity, avoiding false solutions like fossil gas and unsustainable biomass.