Fossil gas still dominates Italy’s electricity but renewable power targets have increased

Italy remains reliant on fossil fuels, with fossil gas accounting for 51% of its electricity mix in 2022. Ember’s analysis of Italy’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) reveals it currently has the largest rise in gas electricity generation in the EU by 2025 (+24 TWh).

More promisingly, in April 2021, Italy’s Ecology Transition Minister announced a new target for renewable generation of 70% by 2030, significantly above the EU average of 55%. The proportion of Italy’s electricity produced by wind and solar only increased from 13% to 16% between 2015 and 2020, so there will need to be a substantial step up in renewables deployment to achieve this new commitment. The plan is to install 65-70 GW of renewable energy, predominantly wind and solar, over the next decade. 

To align with 1.5C, Italy needs to reduce its dependence on imported fossil gas by removing the existing barriers to the deployment of domestic wind and solar. 


Last updated: April 2023

Progress towards 1.5C power sector benchmarks