European wholesale electricity price data

Updated on 10 January 2023

Wholesale day-ahead electricity price data for European countries, sourced from ENTSO-e and cleaned.

Topic: Prices



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This dataset contains average hourly, daily and monthly wholesale day-ahead electricity prices for European countries. Hourly data is provided as a .zip file to reduce download size. 

Note that these are the prices generators receive for selling electricity on the spot market. They are not the same as the prices paid by electricity consumers, which can also include taxes, levies, network charges, subsidies, and some supplier profits. They also do not account for hedging. For an explanation of how spot prices are formed, see here.


Hourly data is sourced from ENTSO-e and cleaned, with missing values interpolated from nearby values. This data is then aggregated to produce average daily and monthly values per country, weighted by load.


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Matt Ewen
Data Analyst (Europe)