About Ember

We are an independent energy think tank that uses data-driven insights to shift the world from coal to clean electricity.

Data into action


We gather, curate and analyse data on the global power sector and its impact on the climate.


We use our data-driven insights to shift the conversation towards high impact policies and empower other advocates to do the same.

Our people

We bring together a team of experts from around the world who understand the power grid, are passionate about evidence-led policy change and are committed to tackling the climate crisis.

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Making an impact

We have been at the heart of recent policy shifts in Europe and Asia. Our research and data is used daily by policymakers, and regularly appears in the world’s top tier media.

Global Electricity Review 2022
Shining a spotlight on coal mine methane

Our work raising awareness about coal mine methane - and its solutions - has been critical in shaping the EU methane strategy and helping to establish the coal mine methane program at UNEP.

Making global electricity data free and accessible

Open electricity data is crucial to a successful transition. We provide the world's only open dataset on global electricity generation and publish transparency reports about where to find the best quality data.

Shaping India’s Net Zero 2070 commitment

Our research helped to enable the 2070 commitment, including analysis which was the first to demonstrate that India may have reached peak coal. We worked with policymakers and think tanks to show how India’s enormous solar potential means new coal is not necessary to meet demand.

Changing the debate across Europe on the gas crisis

Ember’s rapid response analysis showed the energy crisis in Europe is caused by fossil gas, not green levies. Media impact, presentations to MEPs, and work with policymakers in Spain, Czechia and Poland led to the message being shared by the European Commission and shaped the RepowerEU policy.

Securing the UK’s commitment to 2035 clean power

Ember led the campaign for clean power in the UK, ensuring the issue was regularly in the media, directly supporting policymakers, and using our expert knowledge to empower other NGOs and think tanks.

Meet the funders

Ember is an independent, not-for-profit think tank.
We gratefully acknowledge the philanthropic organisations that have funded us.