Ember is an independent climate and energy think tank focused on accelerating the global electricity transition from coal to clean

Ember’s objective is to accelerate the global electricity transition from coal to clean

What we do

Data into action: we gather, curate and analyse data on the global power sector and its impact on the climate.

We use our data and analysis to:

Support high impact policies

Empower campaign organisations

Shape the global narrative

Zero-carbon power is a key milestone on the route to net-zero

An unspoken consensus on clean electricity has emerged among climate front-runners.

Global Electricity Review – 6-month update

Global power sector emissions soar in the first half of 2021, even compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Emissions down as EU electricity comes back cleaner

Demand is back to pre-pandemic levels but fossil fuels are not, shows Ember’s latest report.

Global Electricity Review

Tracking the global transition to fossil-free electricity

Peaking Coal?

India’s coal power may have already peaked, if it seizes the opportunity.

Why coal to clean?


Coal power must urgently be stopped to keep global heating below 1.5C and avoid the worst effects of climate change. A rapid transition to fossil-free electricity will power future prosperity for all.

Our people and values


We bring together a team of experts from around the world who understand the power grid, are passionate about evidence-led policy change and are committed to tackling the climate crisis.

ember team members

We’re impact-driven

We’re evidence based

We empower others

Our history


We were founded in 2008 as Sandbag to reform the EU carbon market. In 2020 we re-branded as Ember, marking our new global reach and our laser focus on accelerating the electricity transition from coal to clean.

ember team members

Our funders


Ember is an independent, not-for-profit think tank.

We gratefully acknowledge the philanthropic organisations that have funded us.

Ember is 1 of 8 climate charities selected to receive donations from The Crowd


The European Climate Foundation


The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation


ThirtyPercy Foundation

The Environmental Defense Fund Europe

Quadrature Climate Foundation

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