Elisabeth Cremona

Energy & Climate Data Analyst

Elisabeth joined Ember’s Europe Team in 2021 as an Energy and Climate Data Analyst.

She has over five years’ professional experience in the policy sphere, with a particular focus on the clean energy transition. In her previous position, she was the lead energy systems modeller at Malta’s national energy agency, working on the National Energy and Climate Plan and Malta’s 15-Year Electricity Supply Plan, amongst others.

She holds an M.Sc. in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh.

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Breaking borders: The future of Europe’s electricity is in interconnectors

Europe’s energy transition is accelerating and infrastructure must keep up, with a special role for cross-border interconnectors.

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Fit for the future, not Fit-for-55

Clean energy technologies are set to outpace expectations for the 40% renewable energy target and put the EU on track to reach 45% by 2030.

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Comments on ACER's Scenarios Guidelines

Ember's response to the Public consultation on the EU ACER's Framework Guidelines on the joint scenarios for electricity and gas network development plans ("Scenarios Guidelines")

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