Phil MacDonald

Chief Operating Officer

Phil’s analysis focuses on the UK 2035 gas phase-out, UK carbon pricing after Brexit, and industrial CCS and BECCS (biomass with carbon capture and storage).

His previous roles have included campaigning with the Liberal Democrats in the UK and the Democrats in the US.

He holds an MSc. in Evolution, Ecology & Conservation from Imperial College.

Subsidies for Drax biomass

Drax earned £893m in government subsidies in 2021 for burning forest biomass, pushing up UK energy bills with no guarantee of reducing CO2 emissions.

The UK Clean Power Plan

Comparative analysis by Ember shows that a UK gas phase-out in the power sector is possible by 2035 or before.

The cost of the Drax BECCS plant to UK consumers

Proposed Drax BECCS plant requires £31.7 billion in subsidy and may not deliver the negative emissions promised.