Photo of Phil MacDonald

Phil MacDonald

Managing Director

Photo of Phil MacDonald

Phil works to support and empower the team’s work around the world.

On the energy transition, Phil’s analysis has focused on the UK 2035 gas phase-out, UK carbon pricing after Brexit, and industrial CCS and BECCS (biomass with carbon capture and storage).

Phil founded Ember with Charles Moore and Dave Jones – and is a founding director of the climate non-profit accelerator Subak.

His previous roles have included campaigning with the Liberal Democrats in the UK and the Democrats in the US.

He holds an MSc. in Evolution, Ecology & Conservation from Imperial College.

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Ember’s next frontier

Ember's co-founder, Phil MacDonald, on our evolving mission and the launch of our new Advisory Board.

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The UK's coal to clean journey

The UK's journey in growing out of coal and transforming its power system over the past decade.

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  • G20
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  • United Kingdom
  • Coal
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A path out of the gas crisis

New analysis shows Britain can cut gas from the power sector by the end of the decade, with huge cost savings from switching to renewables.

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