South Africa

South Africa tops the G20 for reliance on coal power

Coal dominates South Africa’s electricity mix (85% in 2022), making the task of decarbonising South Africa’s grid hugely challenging. Wind and solar are slowly starting to play a role, reaching 7% of electricity production in 2022, up from just 2% in 2015.

South Africa is by far the largest coal generating country in Africa, responsible for 87% of Africa’s total coal generation in 2020.

The landmark $8.5bn Just Transition Partnership signed at COP26 marks a huge step in South Africa’s transition from coal to clean power, alongside President Ramaphosa’s announcement that decarbonising the power sector would be the ‘first phase’ of South Africa’s just transition to net zero by 2050.


Last updated: May 2023

Progress towards clean power targets
South Africa