Data into Action: Accelerating the energy transition in 2023 and beyond

Ember's data insights created remarkable impact in 2023, advancing policies that shift the world to clean energy.

Swati Prabha

Donor Relations and Impact Manager


31 January 2024 | 2 min read

Our reliable and regularly updated open data is now a trusted source for numerous policymakers, climate advocates and media organisations, guiding them in crucial decision-making processes that contribute to a more ambitious adoption of clean power. Our data-led insights not only showcase countries with accelerating transitions but also offer actionable solutions which are instrumental in counteracting negative narratives that often impede progress.

Annual Report 2023: A glimpse of how Ember turns data into action

Our Impact Report unveils the depth and breadth of Ember’s role as an international champion for clean, electrified energy. We are grateful to all who contributed to this incredibly impactful year with us.

Expanded mission and growing team

As we are evolving, we reflected on our 3 years of growing impact. We grew with purpose and our expanded mission focuses on two of the world’s most important climate solutions this decade: how to accelerate the transition to clean electricity and how to rapidly cut the methane leaking from coal mines.

We are a thriving global organisation with a team of 50+ energy experts based across 15 countries who champion Ember’s theory of change by realising our global expertise towards local impact. In 2023 we welcomed an incredible new Advisory Board, consisting of international climate and energy experts, adding more depth to our existing stellar Board of Directors.

Growing data-driven impact

2023 witnessed Ember elevating its position as the go-to source for open data and analysis on the global electricity transition and reduction of coal mine methane emissions. Our suite of 17 open data tools answer the essential questions about our journey to clean energy such as “Where are we? Where are we going? Where do we need to be?” Our rigorous data is becoming the trusted resource for businesses, institutions and media, paving a path towards a significant drop in power sector emissions, with tripling renewables leading the way.

This year, Ember has significantly raised the profile of coal mine methane – a climate change accelerant often overlooked. In a groundbreaking move, we launched a new coal mine methane data tracker, introducing a scoring system to evaluate countries based on their reporting of methane emissions.

We shaped energy narratives with 55 impactful publications and strategic communication initiatives that garnered an impressive 14,000 media hits (↑75% vs 2022); 527,000 website visitors (↑3% vs 2022) and 1,100,000 social media impressions (↑35% vs 2022). Our insights continue to provide nuanced and neutral analyses that envision the future of the clean electricity transition in regional contexts.

Our data-driven insights, strategic communication initiatives and constant stakeholder engagement proved instrumental in driving significant policy shifts in Europe and Asia, reinforcing Ember’s role as a catalyst for positive change in the global energy landscape.

Our work influenced India’s clean electricity transition plans, shaped the UK’s coal to clean journey, launched the political conversation on interconnection across Central and Eastern Europe and shaped new coal mine methane regulations in the EU Methane Strategy and Australia’s Safeguard Mechanism, alongside helping to put a global tripling of renewables on the map.

Looking Ahead

As we navigate the future, Ember remains steadfast in our goal to elevate major policy issues to the forefront of the political agenda. By 2025, we envision major emitters implementing credible plans aligned with the global 1.5C target.

In 2024, our focus will intensify on influencing energy policy across Asia, conducting new research on electrification, enhancing Ember’s international brand and driving legislative attention towards deploying clean power and reducing coal mine methane.

Ember’s role as an independent think-tank is critical to the acceleration of the clean energy transition. As every sector electrifies, humanity can peak total emissions and force them into a rapid decline this decade – and Ember will be driving that acceleration every step of the way.