Towards a coherent policy framework for facilitating electricity transition in Indonesia

A paper prepared for the Asia Development Bank Institute (ADBI) as part of the ADBI Workshop on Energy Transition from Coal to a Low-Carbon Future, held on 20-22 February 2023.

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This paper assesses the efficacy of Indonesia’s existing policy framework for advancing the electricity transition agenda.

Using the Multi-Level Perspective framework, the assessment suggests that Indonesia’s current policy framework is characterized by a high degree of institutional incoherence and has not been successful in promoting the uptake of renewable energy.

The paper argues that Indonesia needs for a more coherent framework to advance the energy transition agenda and outlines five key requisites to achieve this:

  1. Creating a shared vision
  2. Turning the long-term vision into short-term actions
  3. Promoting international cooperation
  4. Encouraging bottom-line thinking
  5. Coordinating the transition process

The paper will be published as a part of the ADBI Working Papers in an ADBI-edited book.

For full workshop recordings and presentations, please visit the ADBI website.


Download full response (1 MB)