Comments on India's Draft National Electricity Plan

Ember calls on India to maintain its ambitious RES growth plans, while cautioning against overestimating the need for coal-fired power plants in a volatile electricity demand growth environment.

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About this consultation

Ember responded to the call for comments on India’s draft National Electricity plan (Vol-I Generation), published in September 2022.

Key recommendations
  • Ensure that the projections align with India’s previous 2030 targets of 450 GW renewable energy (excluding large hydro) and 500 GW of non-fossil capacity. 
  • Provide a clarification on how peak demand was estimated, especially given that it has been projected to grow at a much higher rate than ever before.
  • Future electricity demand growth is uncertain and in such cases it would be useful to consider different scenarios.
  • The committee can consider introducing a temporary stay on the new coal power plant proposals beyond those already under construction.

It is absolutely critical that the peak demand estimates are as accurate as possible in order to avoid over-sizing the power system. Our recent report even showed that about 27GW of proposed coal power plants in pre-construction stages in India may already be surplus to the requirement and end up becoming zombie plants for the government.


Download full response (89 KB)