Pawel Czyzak Ember

Pawel Czyzak

Senior Energy & Climate Data Analyst

Pawel Czyzak Ember

Pawel is a Senior Energy & Climate Data Analyst at Ember, working on scaling up clean energy and phasing out fossil fuels in Europe, with a particular focus on CEE countries. Pawel has several years of professional experience supporting large companies and NGOs with their economic and data analysis, modelling and software development needs. He is also the author of multiple scientific publications and policy papers, as well as open-access software tools.

Prior to joining Ember, Pawel led the Energy & Climate team in the Warsaw-based think-tank Instrat. Pawel holds a MSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is finalizing a PhD in Energy Economics. If not working, he likes making music and delicious coffee.


Shocked into action

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  • Germany

Change is in the wind

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