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EU Electricity Analysis H1-2020

July 2020. Analysis finds that renewables beat fossil fuels for the first time in Europe in Jan-Jun 2020.

Global Wind & Solar Review

Ember's review demonstrates how wind and solar are ready to lead the global coronavirus recovery.

The UK says it wants the world’s first net zero carbon market

The UK says it wants the world’s first net zero carbon market, but the plans don’t yet add up...

The Burning Question

Ember reveals the cost of burning wood for power, with UK energy billpayers committed to subsidies of more than £13 billion.

EU ETS Emissions 2019

Europe’s coal power collapse exposes steel plants as Europe’s biggest emitters.

Coronavirus and EU electricity

Analysis by Ember reveals that the coronavirus response reduced electricity demand in every country across Europe last week.

Global Electricity Review 2020

Ember’s Global Electricity Review is a comprehensive look at the international electricity transition.

EU Power Sector 2019

Annual review of the European electricity transition shows that for the first time wind and solar power overtook coal.

The Path of Least Resistance

Electricity generated from coal is leaking into the EU, as coal plants outside EU borders avoid carbon price on electricity imports.