2014 EU ETS Emissions

This Powerpoint presentation delves deeper into the EU ETS emissions data released today, looking at emissions by data and country, as well as some other details.

Phil MacDonald

Managing Director


1 April 2015 | < 1 min read


We take a closer look into the 2014 EU ETS emissions data across sectors and countries.

Executive summary

Total emissions are down, but exact levels remain uncertain

Emissions in the UK, Germany and France fell, while emissions in Spain and the Netherlands rose.

Key points:

  • Total emissions are 94mt down, or 4.9%.
  • Exact levels uncertain, as 10% of emissions have not been published (45% of which is Polish power stations)
  • Power and heat down 7.8% because of falling electricity consumption from milder weather, but also underlying falls.
  • Industry emissions fall 0.4%; does not include any heat installations, so is an underlying fall, despite EU industrial production rising 0.8%.
  • Fallers:
    • UK due to coal/gas switching from carbon tax in summer
    • Germany due to fall in hard coal due to renewables and less underlying electricity demand.
    • France due to mild weather.
  • Risers:
    • Spain due to more coal generation as gas CHP subsidies reduction reduced generation
    • Netherlands emissions increased as new coal came on RWE’s Eemshaven and GDF Rotterdam plant