We are energy professionals who are passionate about the future of the energy sector.

If you share our passion for working with data and making a positive change to the climate, consider a career with Ember.


Elisabeth Cremona

Energy & Climate Data Analyst

Richard Black

Senior Policy Advisor

Pawel Czyzak Ember

Pawel Czyzak

Senior Energy & Climate Analyst

Conal Campbell

Coal Mine Methane Policy Analyst

Chris Wright

Climate Strategy Advisor - Coal Mine Methane

Dinita Setyawati

Senior Electricity Policy Analyst, South East Asia

Sabina Assan

Coal Mine Methane Analyst

Neshwin Rodrigues

Electricity Policy Analyst, India

Eleanor Whittle Headshot

Eleanor Whittle

Programme Lead, Coal Mine Methane

Malgorzata Wiatros-Motyka

Senior Electricity Analyst